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Spirit Orb Necklace

Spirit orbs are balls of energy and light that are sometimes thought to represent the energy field of a spiritual being. Usually small in nature, Spirit Orbs can appear in many different colors.White Orbs are thought to be an Angelic manifestation while green or blue Orbs can be spirits of healing.Red or orange orbs represent a spiritual warning possibly about an upcoming event.

The necklace “Spirit Orb” has a reflective light emitting Orb shaped Pendant. The Orb pendant is hollow with a center support of connected bezeled Chatons. The main stitch used to construct the Orb Pendant is peyote stitch.The beadwork of the Orb is richly textured and very structural in nature.Pearls and bicone crystals add a touch of elegance to the overall design for the Orb Pendant.The necklace strap is made using a modified Chenille stitch with a loop and beaded button closure.

Skill Level – Advanced.Individuals need to have finished several projects using off-loom beading techniques.This design is a shaped beadwork design and uses peyote decreases.

Kit Contents

1 color of size 11 cylinder beads
2 colors of size 11 seedbeads
2 colors of size 15 seedbeads
3mm bicone crystals
3mm, 4mm and 6mm round pearls
39ss chatons
Package of Pony needles
One G Thread

Bicones, pearls and chatons are Swarovski product

Beautiful Bound full color laser printed instruction manual
(32 pages - 102 illustrations)

Kit and instructions will be sent Priority Mail with a Tracking Number