Song of the South Necklace Pattern

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Song of the South Necklace Pattern


I had originally designed the pendant portion of this necklace for a workshop that I had done for the Atlanta Bead Society. I enjoyed making the pendant and wanted to expand the design to include the necklace straps. I did make some changes to the original pendant design so I could incorporate the pendant into the overall design of the complete necklace.

The foundation for the pendant is made up of different sized pearls to give it a multi-tiered effect. At the top of the pendant is a round crystal that is captured within a framed out cup. Shaped loops expand out from the base of the pendant and are embellished with tiny pearls and picots. A structured drop made up of seedbeads, pearls and a crystals hangs from the bottom of the pendant. The necklace straps are made up of little embellished peyote pillows connected to flowerets which match the top of the pendant. A ribbon like peyote strip with an open center embellished with pearls adds length to the necklace. The necklace straps and pendant all attach to a central self supporting peyote ring. The closure for the necklace is a matching peyote pillow toggle with a loop.

Skill Level - Intermediate

Stitches used for this project - Netting and peyote stitch

Design Materials


Two colors size 15 seebeads
Three colors size 11 seedbeads
3mm bicone crystals
4mm bicone crystals
6mm round crystals
3mm round pearls
4mm round pearls
6mm round pearls
8mm round pearls
10 mm round pearls
size 12 beading needles

44 pages and 186 illustrations

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