Serendipity Necklace

Serendipity Necklace | Designs
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The focal point of this necklace is the pendant which is a large self supporting hexagonal beaded bead. Large Swarovski Gum Drop crystal beads sit within a double layered bead cap at the top and bottom of the beaded bead. The body of the beaded bead is a hexagonal self supporting peyote cylinder which gets its support from structured lines of beadwork along the length of the cylinder forming a hexagon. The double layered bead caps and cylinder of the beaded bead are embellished with bicone crystals and small round crystals. The connection between the pendant and the necklace strap is another smaller hexagonal beaded bead which acts as a slide between the pendant and the necklace strap. The necklace strap has additional beaded beads sewn onto it which are a design repeat of the beaded slide from which the pendant is hanging from. The ends of the necklace strap are capped off with a peyote tube. The closure for the necklace is a small beaded button which is secured with bead loops to the necklace strap ends.

Skill Level - Advanced

Stitches used for this project - Peyote and Herringbone stitches