Sea Nettles

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One Day WorkshopI was inspired by the beautiful and graceful jellyfish which roam our oceans. Sea Nettles is a type of jellyfish that have a large crown with long flowing tentacles’ hanging beneath it.

Pearls and crystals are woven together to create oblong beads. These oblong beads are connected to one another with long strands of seedbeads embellished with more pearls and crystals. The necklace has a fluid feel to it and drapes beautifully around the neck. The center piece of the necklace has floating round shaped beaded beads which match the color theme of the necklace. Hanging from these floating round bead beads is a large three dimensional diamond shaped pendant constructed with pearls and round crystals. The closure at the end of the necklace is a lovely flat button made up of seedbeads and pearls. A loop of beads slips over the button to secure the necklace around your neck.

Skill Level - Intermediate

Stitches used for this project - Netting and Peyote stitches

See Sea Nettles Necklace in Larks "Showcase 500 beaded jewelry"