Moroccan Lantern Necklace

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Moroccan Lantern Necklace

Moroccan lanterns are some of the most beautiful lanterns in the world.The shapes of the lanterns along with metal cut outs, metal filigrees and sparkling colored bits of glass make Moroccan lanterns exquisite works of art.The inspiration for the necklace pendant comes from Moroccan lanterns. The pendant is made up of a center post of beadwork surrounded by beaded arches, crystals, pearls and capped off with crystal domes.Chenille stitch is used to create the necklace rope.Each end of the necklace rope has an embellished beadwork cap that holds a crystal dome.The necklace rope attaches to the pendant with multiple inter-linked loops of ladder stitch.

Skill Level Advanced

Materials List

2 colors of Cylinder beads 
3 colors of size 11 Seedbeads
3 colors of size 15 Seedbeads
3mm Bicone Crystals
3mm Round Pearls
6mm Round Pearls
4mm Daisy Spacers

4 Swarovski Crystal Domes 
Article 5542 - 11mm with hole

Instruction Manual - 30 pages with 97 illustrations
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