Minuet Bracelet

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As I began to work on the bracelet, beads and stitches formed a partnership; like a dance they followed the steps of my pre-determined design to completion. The dance that came to mind was a Minuet. A timeless and elegant dance carefully orchestrated using small steps.

The Minuet Bracelet uses small rectangular Swarovski stones that have been bezeled and connected together to form the bracelet band. The peyote stitched bezels used for the stones are hour glass shaped and fit securely around the stones with no loose sides along the length of the stones. The connection between each bezeled stone is two tiered. An upper level connection of shared circles of pearls allows visibility to the lower tier of pearls. The closure is handmade and follows the hour glass shape used for the bezels. This hour glass shape allows the pearls at each end of the bracelet band to be visible on either side of the clasp and enhances the overall look of the clasp design.

Skill Level - Advanced

Stitches used for this project - Peyote stitch