Gilded Frame Necklace Pattern

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Gilded Frame Necklace Pattern


This necklace is made up of several different components that come together to create a sophisticated and complex piece of wearable art.The pendant which is the show piece of the necklace is a diamond shaped dimensional frame. The top of the frame has an overlay which is reminiscent of gilding.In the center of the frame is a diamond shaped insert made up of a large pearl framed out with small crystals. Hanging from the bottom of the pendant is an embellished bead drop with a bezeled pearl at its bottom.The straps of the necklace are made up of different components. One of the components matches the insert in the frame but on a smaller scale.The rest of the necklace strand is a herringbone rope with open segments and inset pearls.Each segment in the rope is embellished with a tiny Fleur De Le leaf made out of beads, and pearls.The closure is a lovely little button with a loop at the ends of the necklace strap.

Skill Level - Advanced

Stitches used for this project - Peyote, Ladder and Herringbone stitch

Instructions sent as PDF

Design Materials

Two colors of  cylinder beads (delicas)
Two colors of size 15 seedbeads
Two colors of size 11 seedbeads
3mm bicone crystals
3mm round pearls
6mm round pearls
8mm round pearls
10mm round pearls
Thread and 6LB test fireline
Size 12 beading needles

50 pages and 250 illustrations