Eye of the Storm Necklace

Eye of the Storm Necklace | Patterns
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Eye of the Storm Necklace

The focal point of the necklace is a large faceted Swarovski stone captured within a unique bezel. Graceful loops of beadwork and pearls surround the bezel and connect to three multi-layered circular rounds at the base of the bezel.The necklace straps are made up of herringbone stitch with embellished sections of pearls and contrasting beads.The closure for the necklace is matching circular rounds of beadwork connected together to create a double loop button.

Skill Level - Advanced

Stitches used for this project - Herringbone, Netting and Peyote stitches


Note: Due to the way the bezel is constructed, I have found that not all seedbead beads will work for this project. The seedbeads need to be on the larger size…like Dura-coats, Permanent finish and metallic beads. In general, Toho brand beads run larger then Miyuki.

Three colors size 15 seedbeads
Two colors size 11 seedbeads
27mmSwarovski round crystal stone - article 1201
3mm round pearls
4mm round pearls
6mm round pearls
Size 12 beading needle
Thread or 6LB test Fireline

44 pages and 127 illustrations
Sent as a Bound booklet due to the large file size