Eclectic Bracelet Pattern

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Eclectic Bracelet Pattern


Something that is eclectic means it is a mixture of different item or concepts in whatever form they may take.The Eclectic bracelet is just that.A mixture of different techniques and materials that come together to form a unique and beautiful three dimensional object.

The center piece of the bracelet is a hexagonal self supporting beaded bead.The top of the beaded bead has a large pearl sitting in its middle and is embellished with seedbeads and crystals and follows the hexagonal outline of the beaded bead.The straps of the bracelet are a two sided flat herringbone rope.The ends of the rope are capped off with clever bead caps that attach to the center piece by a series of loops embellished with seedbeads and pearls.The closure is a handmade button with a loop.

Skill Level - Intermediate

Stitches used for this project - Peyote and Herringbone stitches

Design Materials

Three colors cylinder beads (delicas)
Two colors size 15 seedbeads
One color size 11 seedbeads
3mm round pearls
6mm round pearls
10mm round pearls
3mm Bicone crystals
6LB Test Fireline
Size 12 beading needles

Instruction Manual - 29 pages and 113 illustrations

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