Bit of Whimsy Necklace

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Frequently when I am working on a piece of beadwork, I will get distracted by whimsical beady musings and have to stop what I am doing so I can explore my sudden impromptu thought!! Generally these whimsical beady musings don’t get incorporated into the current design that I am supposed to be working on but instead end up going into a big glass bowl for later consideration!! When I am ready to start a new design, I look through these bits of beadwork hoping to be inspired! This is how the “Bit of Whimsy Necklace” came about; from bits and pieces of idea’s just waiting to be used to create a new design.

The necklace has an elegant hollow beaded pendant made with a domed crown of pearls, round crystals and seedbeads. The body of the pendant is cylindrical and is made using peyote stitch. The base of the pendant is closed off with a cap of pearls, crystals and seedbeads. The pendant and necklace strands attach to a central decorative component. The necklace strands are made using a twisted herringbone rope. Beaded boots cover the ends of the twisted herringbone rope and make it possible to attach to the decorative central component. The closure has a set of attached double buttons that fit into loops at the end of the necklace strands.

Skill Level - Intermediate

Stitches used for this project - Netting, Herringbone and peyote stitches