Romantic Notion Necklace Pattern

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Romantic Notion Necklace Pattern


This elegant necklace is loaded with pearls which are captured within Lace Ovals.Small Lace Ovals make up the necklace strand and two Large Lace Ovals form the foundation for the center piece of the necklace. Each oval has an outer frame made up of seedbeads and pearls. The inner part of the frame has a defined border which adds interest and structure to the Lace Ovals.Each Oval is filled in with pearls.The center piece of the necklace is constructed with a series of interconnecting loops and pearls which hang off of the two large Lace ovals.The closure for the necklace is a loop which slips over a handmade button consisting of pearls and seedbeads.

Skill Level Intermediate

PDF Instruction Manual

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Design Materials

Size 15 seedbeads
Size 11 seedbeads
3mm round pearls
4mm round pearls
3mm Bicone crystals

41 pages and 97 illustrations