Lentin Rose Necklace Pattern

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Lentin Rose Necklace Pattern


Sophisticated elegance with a romantic flare, Lentin Rose brings to mind a treasure found from a bygone era.The pendant is an elongated beadwork oval with a dimensional border.The center of the pendant has a flat beadwork foundation with a center made up of an embellished bezeled oval crystal stone. Pearl and crystal embellishments finish off the top and bottom of the pendant. A flat beadwork necklace strap is attached to the pendant using large pearls and a seedbead loop. The closure for the necklace is a handmade button with closure loop.The main stitches used to construct the necklace is peyote and right angle weave stitches.

Skill Level Advanced

Individuals need to know how to do peyote stitch with increases and odd count peyote stitch.The necklace straps will be constructed using a traveling step up for odd count peyote stitch.

PDF Instruction Manual

PDF instructions are not sent automatically via the website.  They are manually sent upon receipt and usually emailed out within a few hours or sooner.  Payment is processed when the PDF is sent. 

Design Materials

Three colors - Size 11 Cylinder Beads
Three colors - Size 11 Seedbeads
Three colors - Size 15 Seedbeads
3mm, 4mm and 8mm round Pearls
3mm Bicones
Oval Crystal - 18mm x 13mm (Swarovski Article - 4120)

39 page Instructions with 150 illustrations