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Mystic Three Necklace

Mystic Three Necklace

Mystic Three Necklace  

Three is a powerful number. It is a numeric symbol of universal significance. Reference to the number three appears in many cultures, mythology and religions. The number three is also important in regards to artistic creativity. There is something about three that works across all mediums, formats and sizes. Three balances, has a point of interest and brings symmetry to art.

Using the idea of three to bring symmetry to the necklace design, three oval crystal stones are used to create the pendant for the necklace. Each stone sits independently within a three tiered bezel. The bezeled stones are connected together using an embellished three pearl component. The necklace straps are made up of segments of beadwork attached together using the same pearl component that is part of the pendant to bring cohesiveness to the design. A double attached pearl component is used for the necklace closure. Peyote stitch is used to construct the design.

Exclusive Design for Beads on the Vine, San Luis Obispo, CA
July 27 thru 30 2017

Please join Laura McCabe, Cynthia Rutledge and me for a wonderful beading Retreat on the west coast! This Retreat is sponsored by School of Beadwork (Melanie Potter). For Retreat details and registration, please click on the link below!